Sorry for the rant...
I’ve heard some stories that have infuriated me about how during COVID some outsourced IT guys fell flat on helping law firms (and other businesses) from the start of the crisis. Law firm (and other businesses ) suffered SO BAD, I rewrote my LinkedIn Company page Description (read it here & like my page while there)- gimme some feedback on the post, please

I hate to hear about any business let alone a law firm struggle to get their tech guy to call them or have continuous problems working remote BUT I KNOW WHY.
Here's How To Fix Your IT:

  • During COVID, IT guys had to make decisions to help their clients that spent the most money and sacrifice you.
  • During COVID, IT guys didn’t (and still don’t) have the team of people or technology they need to help all their customers in a disaster.
  • During COVID, the failings of your IT guys were from the problems they’ve always had, they were too small and overburdened and had to move into survival mode.
  • Before COVID, Technology & Cybersecurity were considered expenses everyone wanted to avoid but now that we all have to work from home and remote we’ve come to have a greater appreciation for IT.
  • Before COVID, having the most tech-savy person in the firm or someone we “like” take care of our tech needs was acceptable. We could turn a blind eye to not knowing what we didn’t know about how poor of advice, tech or service we were getting.
  • Before COVID, having a solo IT guy handle was ok until that guy/gal got hammered by ALL their customers at once and since he didn’t have a team so he “sacrificed” you because you didn’t spend enough with them to stay important.
  • Before COVID, sending an email was “collaborating” with our clients, staff, courts and other lawyers. Your IT guy never pushed you to try to see the multitude of options that could improve your relationships and make your firm a leader in client service.
  • Before COVID, we couldn’t talk about “after COVID” or how any disaster could kill your law firm. But now we know.
  • Before COVID, we never made great decisions regarding IT, Cybersecurity and Technology but COVID work from home is almost over and we can make a choice because we know what we didn’t know.
  • AFTER COVID, you have a choice to continue the “Before COVID” club or be an “After COVID” leader in law firm client service and efficiency.

Here's how to be Tech Ready for the next "COVID":

Get a specialized, expert MSP (that has a Help Desk) for your Law Firm (or whatever vertical your business is in)
Meet & review with them Quarterly (at minimum)
Get prudent technology recommendations
Don’t stick with IT guys that are subpar (you deserve better)
Budget for IT, Cybersecurity and Technology
Be innovative instead of being forced to when you have no choice.

The next disaster (yes, there will be one), if you heed my “Before COVID” words and execute my “After COVID” action items, you won’t be left scrambling again.