Fire Drills & Exercises

Prepare your team for emergencies with smart, safe response plans

Did you know that around 80,000 office fires happen every year in the US? Suffice to say, fire drills & exercises are crucial in guaranteeing the safety of employees, and the clients visiting your facilities.

SpliceNet’s goal is to make sure your business doesn’t end up as another statistic. First, our specialists will perform a fire risk evaluation to identify areas where fires are most likely to ignite. Then, we’ll develop a fire emergency plan, install smoke detectors and fire alarms, and routinely schedule fire drills to make sure everyone knows their responsibilities should a crisis occur. We’ll even train everyone about the basics of using a fire extinguisher and conduct routine inspections to ensure they are fully operational.

Proper fire prevention and response plans will help your company by:

  • Reducing the likelihood of office fire emergencies
  • Preparing employees to calmly respond during emergencies
  • Securing the well-being of your employees and assets
  • Providing everyone a sense of safety and security while at work

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