Does your Law Firm have enough clients? Do you feel like you’re wasting your money with your current marketing? Not getting enough referrals from your current Clients? Want more? Are you fed up with wasting your money, not getting results and ready to do something that works?

If you are tired of the same old marketing promises that cost you way too much money and yield miserable results? The problem they fail to see is that every law firm and practice area client is different. Unfortunately, website developers and legal marketing companies don’t understand and try to force all law firms into the same marketing efforts and models. I'm sure you're super tired of hearing:

  • "You need a new website."
  • "You need to get social."
  • "Facebook ads are will get you business."

And you know very well they're just selling a product that doesn't fit for you O even worse, it might fit but is boiler-plated for all their firms and bound to fail.

the big lie: it takes a trained marketer to get results

You see here’s the truth traditional marketers won't say to you: if you had the time you could do it yourself. You know how to grow your firm but the trouble is that you’re too busy practicing law and running your firm to do marketing and business development the way it needs to be done to bring THE REAL GROWTH YOU WANT. We know the knowledge is already in your head, we’ve just got to pull it out and help you use it.

your firm is unique and requires a growth strategy unique to you

Using our Legal Marketing Toolkit (LMT), we start by picking apart your current clients, understanding what brings them to you and what keeps them coming back. Once we’ve got this we can develop YOUR UNIQUE marketing and business development strategy.

ready to make the change most only talk about?

To get started, schedule your LMT Marketing ROI Analysis. It takes about an hour and after you’ll know 3 things:

  • Exactly where you’re wasting your marketing dollar (if you are)
  • How you can make it pay off (if it’s not)
  • And how you can get more clients

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