No one knows Law Firm Technology & Cybersecurity better

We had seen Jim Gast of SpliceNet Legal Tech speak and write many times but we never pulled the trigger because our IT guy was doing a “good enough job” and billed us a low hourly rate. After continuing disappointment with the lack of stability of our network, we called SpliceNet.

SpliceNet evaluated our systems, backup, and cybersecurity and we determined that previously our backups were not being monitored or tested as frequently as we had thought and our computer updates were not being done consistently. We also learned that there were more reliable email options than what we had been using.

As soon as they started, SpliceNet Legal Tech implemented their monitored cybersecurity systems, server protection/failover and Office 365 and a faster Internet connection all for a cost well in reach of our previous spend. Now our tech problems have diminished, we see system improvements and benefits monthly and we know our Client Confidential data is more secure than ever. No one in Cincinnati knows Law Firm Technology & Cybersecurity better. We’re glad we made the switch. You should make the switch too.

Crowley Ahlers & Roth