Top 10 Reasons To Use Us

SpliceNet Consulting helps Law Firms and SMBs with Technology, Cybersecurity & Business Productivity in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee and Illinois

1. James Gast, Founder and CEO is a 25-year Legal Cybersecurity & Technology professional.
2. David Myers, partner and COO is a practicing Cybersecurity/Technology Attorney and 15-year Legal Cybersecurity & Technology professional.
3. James and David both Present on Cybersecurity at numerous events for the ABA, Association of Legal Administrators both Nationally & Regionally.
4. Both have been published on Cybersecurity and Disaster Planning in the ABA GPSolo, Inside Legal & CIO magazines.
5. They publish a pro bono Law Firm Cybersecurity Quiz and an accompanying Podcast for the education and awareness of over 1500 law firm staffers & partners.
6. Active in Law Firm Cybersecurity awareness and planning by hosting, Law Firm luncheons, Think Tanks, round tables and small discussion groups targeted at law firm cyber-threat preparedness and response planning.
7. SpliceNet Consulting exclusively serves the Legal Community with no less than 200 Law Firms served in the last 25 years.
8. James and Dave have taught law school and paralegal courses at 3 different Universities
9. Presented for multiple chapters of the Inn of Courts and Bar Associations.
10. SpliceNet Consulting has more documented Success Stories than any other Law Firm Technology, Cybersecurity, Compliance & Technology provider.