Law Firm Marketing Yellow Brick Road-USP

Law Firm Marketing Yellow Brick Road-USP


Who’s ready to stop wasting their money on a useless website? Pay attention here or you will miss one of the most crucial parts on how to make money with your website. recently we discussed your website and some elements about your website that you should improve and we also discussed how your website can become a rainmaker for your law firm. There are some prerequisites that need to be addressed before that can become a reality so let’s talk about what it is about your law firm that makes you different than everyone else.

In case you’re not aware the thing that makes you different is called your unique selling proposition or USP for short. So RIGHT NOW, before the next potential client contacts you, ask yourself “what is different about us/me/my law firm”? Like I said in my last marketing article it’s not good enough for you to say “I’m a great guy”, “we’ve gotten great results”, or “we communicate better the other guy”. EVERYONE says that! You need to figure out what is unique about your law firm, you need to hang your hat on it and stand strong against your competition with it. They say speak softly but carry a big stick; well your USP is the big stick you need to beat your competition and your words shouldn’t even be necessary to say it.

How you do what you do, how you are specialized or how you work with one segment of a demographic is what makes you unique. As an example, a niche makes you unique? Our company, SpliceNet is the area leader in legal technology-hands down and we don’t need words to prove it. Sure we have customers in other industries but at the end of the day we hang our hats on this fact. Of course I know there are limitations on the things that you can advertise about your law firm but is any of what you are advertising perceived unique to your prospective customer?

Just last week I saw probably one of the best examples of a USP on a Tiffin, OH law firm’s site,

“We built our practice on representing financial institutions and corporations”


How simply stated but poignant is that for a USP?

So here’s yet another stone in the yellow brick road of marketing your law firm, your USP. If you don’t have one you need to get one it today. It doesn’t come overnight and it takes a bit of corporate soul searching. It’s not that difficult but it does take a little bit of work and a lot of commitment to it.

I’d love to hear your law firm’s USP. Email it to me or just ask me if you some help discovering yours.

Lots of luck.
Jim Gast
Legal Tech Guru