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About SpliceNet Consulting It’s Not Actually About Us. It’s About You

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” - President Theodore Roosevelt

SpliceNet isn’t really “about us.” We’re about you— a business leader with an IT problem that you need to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Our mission is to fix your existing problems quickly and prevent future interruptions. We do this by taking the time to understand your business and workflow. We work with you to find out what’s most important to your business and how things are supposed to work before making recommendations around technology.

No one went into business to make their lives harder. Our founder and President, Jim Gast, started SpliceNet more than two decades ago so he could be more than a 6 pm to 9 pm dad to his kids. We believe you do the work you do because you are passionate about it and want to improve your own life, and we want to help. For the last 25 years, SpliceNet Consulting has helped with IT services and solutions to hundreds of Ohio law firms, non-profits, manufacturing companies and other small and mid-sized businesses by ensuring their workflow is seamless and efficient, with no downtime or interruption. So after a productive day, you and your team can go home to your dogs, cats, hobbies, and families on time with peace of mind.


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Our Commitment To You

SpliceNet’s core values are the basis of everything we do. We promise to create the best possible customer service
experience from start to finish.

Client-First Approach

Technical skills mean very little if we don’t prioritize your needs. We seek to understand your existing processes, systems, budgets, and goals. Then, we align technology to fit within your business workflow and culture.

Downtime In Any Form Is

99.9% of our clients experience 100% of uptime each month. We respond to issues immediately and do whatever is necessary to get you better than back on track.

Constant Self-Evaluation

We ask ourselves tough questions and evaluate our performance regularly to ensure we continually deliver on our promises and identify new growth opportunities.

Regular Communication

Our goal is immediate assistance but if we’re busy helping others, our team will respond within an hour. We send regular updates and conduct site visits, so you trust we’re always there when you need us most.


Because it’s in your best interest, we won’t hesitate to tell you if something in your IT infrastructure is missing, or we’ve made a mistake. We hold ourselves accountable in every aspect of our work.

Perpetual Education

Our CEO, Jim, regularly speaks in the community because we believe in using our expertise to lift up our businesses and communities. If there’s a way to improve your systems, better protect your family and company, or increase productivity without spending more, we’ll tell you about it.

Family-Forward Culture

We believe our families come first, personally and professionally. We support our employees and foster a fun and positive work culture.

Celebrate Our Successes

We celebrate our accomplishments and support our team in any failures.

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Identify, investigate, and mitigate all system vulnerabilities

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Save money with all your IT support in one place

Data Backup and Recovery

Keep all your information safe from every disaster

Cloud Computing

Quickly communicate and share information anywhere, anytime

VoIP Services

Make and answers calls from wherever, whenever

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Nationally Recognized By IT Industry Leaders And Partners

We’re proud to provide white-glove managed IT and cybersecurity services to our clients. Our work recognized nationally by IT industry leaders.