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Managing An Application Like Exchange Requires Round-The-Clock Attention

Microsoft Exchange Server offers your company remote email access, enhanced calendar settings, mobile messaging, and many others excellent features. However, running Exchange servers is not easy without the right expertise — complexity, ballooning costs, and frequent delays can reduce your ROI or end the project altogether.

So, how do you take advantage of this Fortune 500-level application without the hassles? Easy: sign up for SpliceNet’s Microsoft Servers solution. You can free your staff from the headache-inducing Exchange installation, configuration, and maintenance tasks, all for a low monthly fee. We will provide prompt support if an issue happens and automatically upgrade your Exchange servers to the latest version. And since you pay a flat monthly fee, you enjoy predictable budgeting and the scalability to add or remove features when needed.

Benefits of Choosing SpliceNet’s Microsoft Servers:

  • Reliable Uptime: Enjoy maximum uptime with our enterprise-level email solution, ensuring continuous operations.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance: Our team keeps a vigilant eye on your Exchange servers, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
  • Automatic Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest versions, always ensuring top-notch email security.
  • Advanced Malware Protection: Keep spam and hackers at bay with our robust security measures.
  • Easy Account Administration: Manage your accounts effortlessly through user-friendly web tools.

Leverage SpliceNet’s Advanced IT Services for Robust Protection and Strategic Digital Solutions

At SpliceNet, our teams are skilled in advanced IT services, focusing on providing robust protection and crafting digital strategies that align with your organization’s goals.

Comprehensive Understanding of Your IT Environment and Strategic Support:

  • Detailed Inventory Analysis: We assess the range of applications and services currently managed by your IT team, including hardware and software infrastructures, organizational structure, operations, and supplier relationships.
  • Technology Budget Review: Our team evaluates your existing technology budget, including both direct and indirect costs, and projects future IT expenses.
  • Identification of Improvement Areas: We pinpoint opportunities for enhancement in your IT services and management, covering everything from system architecture and technology infrastructure to operations.
  • Idea Generation and Proposal Development: We generate innovative ideas and develop proposals to improve your IT environment.
  • Value-Generating Projects: We assist in establishing projects that bring value to your business, including preliminary feasibility evaluations, cost-benefit analysis, and potential costs.
  • Guidance on Outsourcing: We support you in preparing requests for proposals (RFPs) and launching projects, ensuring you partner with the most suitable providers or solutions.

Don’t wait until you’re facing a crisis. Take proactive steps now. Let SpliceNet’s IT consulting services guide you onto the path of better productivity and strategic IT management.

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