Cisco Web Filtering & Protection

Cloud-based security that provides both on-premises and remote protection

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Robust cloud security that’s built — not merely moved — into the infrastructure

When looking for the best IT security tool, chances are, you assess every feature and capability to the most granular details. However, with cloud-based security, the fundamental infrastructure is also important. The cloud environment needs to be built strongly and enhanced efficiently, as it will have long-term effects on your business. You need to make sure that your cloud security is lightning-fast, fully transparent, and built for the cloud — just like SpliceNet’s Cisco Web Filtering & Protection.

Cisco is known for its fast, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure. Today, the company has grown into a comprehensive web filtering and security service that can block malicious websites even before a connection is made. Instead of simply migrating security functionalities to the cloud, they are disassembled and rebuilt for the cloud. This means you enjoy high capacity and throughput, solid reliability, and agile infrastructure at a price that doesn't break the bank.

SpliceNet’s Cisco Web Filtering & Protection will:

  • Use DNS to block malware from reaching endpoints or networks
  • Intelligently route traffic to risky domains so it can efficiently protect without causing lag
  • Block connections to malware or hackers' servers even if devices are already infected
  • Provide visibility into all internet activity across all devices on-premises or off-site
  • Block attacks before they happen with threat intelligence that covers malware, domains, IPs, and networks
  • Simplify and speed up deployment with a browser-based interface that doesn't require additional hardware or software

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