Cisco Web Filtering & Protection

Cloud-based security that provides both on-premises and remote protection

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Robust Cloud Security That’s Built — Not Moved — Into Your IT Infrastructure

In the search for the ideal IT security solution, it's common to scrutinize every feature and functionality in detail. However, the underlying infrastructure becomes equally important when it comes to cloud-based security. It's not just about having robust security features; it's about ensuring the cloud environment itself is designed for strength and efficiency.

This foundational aspect has long-term implications for your business's digital safety. That's where SpliceNet’s Cisco Web Filtering & Protection comes into play, offering cloud security that is not just transferred to the cloud but is inherently built for it.

Cisco: A Leader in Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Cisco is renowned for its swift, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure. Over the years, it has evolved into a comprehensive web filtering and security service. Its advanced technology can block malicious websites even before your system makes a connection, offering preemptive protection against digital threats.

Unlike conventional security measures that are merely adapted for cloud use, Cisco's solutions are deconstructed and explicitly re-engineered for cloud environments. This approach guarantees high performance, robust reliability, and flexible infrastructure, all at an affordable cost!

Key Features of SpliceNet’s Cisco Web Filtering & Protection:

  • DNS-Based Malware Blocking: Utilizes DNS to prevent malware from reaching your endpoints or network.
  • Intelligent Traffic Routing: Routes traffic to risky domains in a way that protects efficiently without slowing down your system.
  • Pre-Emptive Blocking: Stops connections to malware or hackers' servers, offering protection even if devices are already compromised.
  • Complete Visibility: Provides insights into all internet activity across all devices, whether on-premises or remote.
  • Proactive Attack Prevention: Leverages threat intelligence that encompasses malware, domains, IPs, and networks to block attacks before they occur.
  • Easy and Rapid Deployment: Features a user-friendly, browser-based interface for quick setup without extra hardware or software.

Why SpliceNet's Cisco Solution Stands Out

Choosing SpliceNet's Cisco Web Filtering & Protection means opting for a cloud security solution that is meticulously crafted for the cloud environment. Investing in a system that offers lightning-fast responses, complete transparency, and cloud-specific construction is a decision. Our solution ensures your business benefits from the highest levels of capacity and throughput, along with the agility to adapt to evolving digital threats.

By partnering with SpliceNet, you gain access to Cisco’s renowned infrastructure at a cost-effective price, ensuring your business stays protected and ahead in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

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