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SpliceNet truly impressed me with their expertise, willingness to help, and general approach to service. They led a series of training at Design Team Sign Company, and moved us light years ahead in our Office 365 deployment across 120 users. Bryant Haines Director of Information Technology

What Is Microsoft Teams?

Ensuring seamless communication and collaboration among your team members is crucial. Miscommunication can lead to dissatisfied customers and potentially lost revenue. This is where Microsoft Teams steps in as a game-changer. It's more than just a tool; it's a comprehensive platform where your team can create, decide, and collaborate without boundaries.

Why Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one shared workspace where you can chat, hold meetings, collaborate on files, and more. It's incredibly versatile, catering to teams as small as two or as large as 5,000 – and it's included in most Microsoft Office 365 plans. Picture a digital space where distance and time zones no longer hinder productivity and decision-making.

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Discover the transformative power of Teams for your business with our Quick Launch session. You and your team will actively engage with Teams, guided by a SpliceNet Consulting expert. You'll see firsthand how this tool can revolutionize your business operations. We specialize in effectively implementing and training users on Microsoft Teams, ensuring you maximize your Microsoft Office 365 investment.

Key Features of Microsoft Teams:

  • Comprehensive Communication Tools: Messaging, conferencing, video, and screen sharing capabilities.
  • Integrated Presence: Automated and seamlessly integrated across Office 365 for visibility and accessibility.
  • Scalability: Ready and adaptable for businesses of all sizes, from small firms to large enterprises.
  • Cloud-Based Solution: A complete cloud-based product that eliminates the need for servers.
  • Industry Compliance: Meets a wide range of significant industry compliance requirements.
  • User-Friendly: Simple to administer and intuitive for users, regardless of their tech expertise.

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Ready to transform how your company collaborates and communicates? Our team of Microsoft Teams professionals will get your company up and running quickly, teaching your staff the best practices to maximize collaboration and communication. Our Teams Quick Launch is the perfect start, providing everything you need to leverage Microsoft Teams effectively today. Complete the form on this page to request your free session!


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