KnowBe4 Cybersecurity User Education

Take advantage of an “always-fresh” content library to keep your employees safe from phishing

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Strengthen the weakest link in your cybersecurity strategy

Your organization could be spending thousands of dollars on next-generation anti-malware, high-quality intrusion detection systems, and other top-class security technologies. However, all it takes for a hacker to infiltrate your system is to target one employee in your company, and if that person falls for the scam, it leaves your IT infrastructure vulnerable, rendering all your technology investments useless. Eliminate human error with SpliceNet’s KnowBe4 Cybersecurity User Education.

KnowBe4 features the world's largest library of cybersecurity awareness training content. We will help you take advantage of online modules, interactive videos and games, and automated training reminders. Our offering will also test your employees, using best-in-class simulated phishing attacks. As a stakeholder, enterprise-level reporting will help you make informed decisions and enjoy fast ROI.

Features of SpliceNet’s KnowBe4 Cybersecurity User Education include:

  • Unlimited access – there are more than 900 items in the content library — presented in three training levels — for your users to enjoy
  • Tailored simulation – customize scenarios and landing pages and improve point-of-failure education
  • Smart Groups – organize employees according to behavior and attributes and customize campaigns, assignments, or remedial learning accordingly
  • Simulated attachments – customize the Phishing Templates to include attachments such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint slides, and PDF
  • Virtual Risk Officer – monitor the risk score according to employees, groups, or the entire company

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