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Companies are currently questioning the management and execution of IT services to achieve success because there are now stronger IT services demand in an increasingly competitive market. IT consulting has become a strategic tool to seek efficiency and effectiveness, a springboard for qualitative business growth.

Today’s market has forced us to assume changes more frequently than in the past. If you are redundant, your business’s future may turn bleaker. Process control, task automation, or collaborative management are aspects to improve in many businesses.

Knowing the current paradigms, detecting areas of opportunity, defining and implementing new processes and solutions, and optimizing the company’s resources, leads us to a more competitive renovation. Similarly, being more agile, secure, reliable, and decisive requires a digital strategy through information technologies to achieve business objectives.

Based on a deep knowledge of these, SpliceNet offers markets, technologies, products, and solutions consolidated in multiple years of experience as an IT consultant executing:

  • Preliminary and detailed study.
  • Development of client/server application prototypes, Web Application.
  • Commissioning and integration of the requested services.
  • Training for users.
  • Maintenance and possible reintegration of services.

Why Use SpliceNet IT Consulting?

We have positioned ourselves as a company specialized in IT consulting. Our extensive knowledge in the world of technologies has led to excellent results with our clients.

We have a team of more than highly experienced professionals, which allows us to provide you with effective advice to guide you in making decisions. We help you choose the most suitable type of hardware and software for your company’s current and future development.

To see your company’s IT sector working to deliver solutions related to its business operations or resolving technology failures, updates, and unforeseen events, you should employ SpliceNet IT consulting services. We carry out consulting work both at the design and programming level, implementing or optimizing your systems or acquiring specific solutions for your business.

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Partnering With SpliceNet As Your IT Consultant Will Set
You Up For:

  • Zero threat consciousness – We professionally find and nip any threat in the bud even before festering on your network.
  • A robust collection of consulting options – There are many different plans, top-notch products, and IT installations readily available.
  • A defense to beat – Our IT consulting services ensure your company is digitally guarded and unassailable without a doubt.

Teams of SpliceNet Have Expertise In Advanced IT Services, Ensuring Strong Protection And A Decisive Digital Strategy Through Information Technologies To Achieve The Business Objectives.

  • Understanding the Environment: Inventory of applications and/or services provided by the client’s current IT management, HW and SW Infrastructures, Organization, Operations, Relationship, and supplier services.
  • Preparation and review of the current technology budget, direct and indirect costs, analysis, and IT costs projection.
  • Identification of areas for improvement; generating ideas and proposals for improvements in IT services and management, architecture designs, systems used, technology infrastructure, and operations.
  • Support in establishing projects that can generate value, preliminary evaluation of feasibility and convenience, potential costs, and benefits.
  • Support in preparing RFs and/or launch of projects to be outsourced with the most convenient provider/solution for the client.

Do not wait till it’s too late. Let us set you up on the right path, have our IT consulting services do your biddings, and increase your productivity!

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