With the emergence and adoption of new technologies by companies, the IT sector has become saturated. Its management is now a challenge for all who work in it. Thankfully, SpliceNet offers reliable managed IT services so that you can stop worrying about problems in your infrastructure to have time to worry about your business development and technological improvements.

Today, IT managed services have emerged as a solution for any company that wants to keep its IT sector organized and functioning and also for companies that provide IT services. It is a new form of process management for small, medium, and large scale companies that makes it possible to rely on teams formed by qualified and trained professionals to provide the best services.

How We Manage Your IT Services

SplicNet aims to connect all your company’s activities that need to be managed by parameters of quality, cost, and time. These are essential to ensure your business meets its needs and surprise users. This process goes further, seeking to understand your client’s expectations and needs, trying to find the most positive and efficient way to meet them. This means that this is not just a sector focused on customer service oriented to end-users, but also aiming at the company being informed about doubts, failures, or difficulties affecting customers.

Also, our managed IT services encompass operational, technical, and staff management aspects. It provides less reactive service delivery and focuses more on delivering value to internal and external customers. SpliceNet managed IT services aim to provide IT processes and services of excellent quality that are always per your needs and requirements.

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The Advantages Of SpliceNet Managed IT Services

There will be:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure
  • Management dashboard
  • Proactive care and control of company devices
  • Monthly reports with comparatives
  • Shared specialized team
  • Cost reduction with operation and training
  • Analysis, evaluation, and forecasting of malfunctions and timely intervention
  • Data protection and cybersecurity
  • Management of vulnerabilities in the corporate network

There Are Several Opportunities and Advantages That Your Organization Can Obtain When Investing in Our Managed IT Services.

  • Operational flexibility

    IT demands have become increasingly dynamic, and unexpected changes can appear at any time. Today, a specific infrastructure may be needed. In the future, services may increase or change focus. It is necessary to evolve to manage services, which are easily scalable according to needs and in a flexible way.

  • Increased focus on the business

    SpliceNet's focus is on managed services that offer the best possible technology structure. Your IT team will be able to dedicate themselves better to your final business. It will be able to develop internal solutions, which will bring you more competitiveness.

  • Team development

    Constant staff training is part of our IT managed services packages. Everyone benefits from this model. You can count on increasingly qualified and productive professionals responsible for your IT routines, ensuring business competitiveness and the quality of services provided.

  • Cost reduction

    We maintain an organized structure with lower costs and allow all expenses to be planned and only incurred when necessary. We reduce time mismanagement through constant monitoring, and investments are made only according to the contractor's demand.

Our services can be activated monthly. We can fully manage our clients and server infrastructure in the absence of the IT Manager due to holidays or unforeseen events.

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