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A Successful Azure Migration Requires A Skilled Team of Experts

Migrating to Azure requires moving your IT infrastructure, data, and software to the cloud. While Microsoft has Azure Migrate to help with this complicated and time-consuming process, you will still need a team of cloud professionals to employ the right coding language and best practices and ensure that everything is streamlined. If you choose to handle Azure migration in-house, you need to make sure that your team has the specialized expertise and capacity that such a project requires. Otherwise, you may have to train existing employees or hire more people, wasting time and resources. A great option is outsourcing it to an IT expert so you can enjoy Azure without the headache.

With our Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration service, we will help you plan, optimize, and manage your IT infrastructure in the cloud. Our certified technicians will assess your IT assets and identify the best migration strategy. We will also keep your databases and software up to date and secure with 24x7 monitoring and management. Then, we’ll redevelop your app, migrate the database, and relaunch the application, letting you take advantage of Azure without lifting a finger.

The benefits of SpliceNet’s Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration include:

  • Predictable budgeting: enjoy the flexibility and scalability with a pay-only-for-what-you-need subscription model
  • Simplified management: get peace of mind as we manage every aspect of your Azure migration, from security to updates
  • Disaster recovery: your digital assets will be guaranteed safe when natural or man-made disasters happen
  • Advanced cybersecurity: protect your IT infrastructure from existing and emerging cyber threats
  • Fast and agile processes: deploy fast-paced innovation that is balanced with flexibility and control
  • Seamless integration: whether it's IoT or Excel, you enjoy maximum freedom and efficiency in your core processes

Effortless Azure Migration With SpliceNet

Choosing SpliceNet’s Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration service means entrusting your cloud transition to our team of certified experts. We handle everything from planning and optimizing your IT infrastructure for the cloud to ensuring ongoing management, security, and updates. Our approach involves thorough assessment, strategic migration planning, and diligent application redevelopment, guaranteeing a smooth shift to Azure.

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