James (“Jim”) Gast

James ("Jim") Gast

Jim is not just another talking tech-head who only uses “geek-speak”. As CEO of SpliceNet Consulting, he is a noted law firm cybersecurity & tech expert.

Gast hasn’t taken a usual path to his success in the cyber and tech in the legal biz. As a young Chemist that served as a Customer liaison he developed skills that made him a proven listener, evaluator and communicator. The skills ultimately taught him to deliver on-point content to his audiences. After leaving that he soon found a niche in serving the legal industry in the area of technology and cybersecurity.

Technology and cybersecurity education and consulting are the heart of James’ passion and expertise. While his company SpliceNet Legal Cybersecurity & Technology continues to serve customers, Jim spends much of his time working with firms employ today’s next-gen tech and ensure strong cybersecurity practices.

He enjoys writing either for national legal publications like ABA GPSolo, Inside Legal & CIO magazines, and blogging but more than all he’s most energetic engaging live audiences including the Association of Legal Administrators both at local chapters and the ALA’s National & Regional Conferences and empowering their members to solve their most difficult Cybersecurity challenges.

Jim's is passionate about his family, his faith, helping his community and running all of which give him to motivation to serve his customers and professional community.