Cybersecurity Preparation Exercise

Preparation is your best defense


Prepare Your Team for Cybersecurity Emergencies with SpliceNet’s Tabletop Exercises

In the current digital era, merely implementing the latest cybersecurity technology is not enough. The human aspect of cybersecurity has become increasingly important, especially with the rise of social engineering, phishing, and other targeted scams.

As highlighted by a recent study from the Ponemon Institute, a significant cause of data breaches is the lack of effective employee training. Recognizing this vulnerability, SpliceNet has developed comprehensive tabletop cybersecurity training exercises designed to fortify your team against these threats.

Realistic Training for Real-World Threats

Our tabletop exercises go beyond theoretical learning, offering realistic scenarios that challenge and empower your team’s response to cyber emergencies. These exercises simulate real cyberattack situations, providing practical experience in handling potential threats. The goal is to test and improve your team's readiness and decision-making skills in the face of a cyber crisis.

Benefits of Tabletop Exercises for Cybersecurity Training:

  • Enhanced Real-World Preparedness: Offers hands-on experience with realistic cyber threat scenarios.
  • Strengthened Decision-Making: Sharpens decision-making skills under the pressure of simulated cyberattack situations.
  • Comprehensive Threat Awareness: Helps identify and understand the signs of various cyber threats, including social engineering and phishing attacks.
  • Increased Confidence: Builds confidence among team members in their ability to navigate complex cybersecurity events.
  • Tailored Training: Customizes exercises to meet the unique needs and scenarios relevant to your team and industry.
  • Empowered Employees: Empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to protect the organization’s digital assets.

Preparing for Every Possibility

Our tabletop exercises are tailored to prepare your team for any conceivable cyber scenario. From identifying the signs of an impending attack to handling a full-blown cyber crisis, these exercises ensure that your team feel confident when navigating through complex cybersecurity situations.

When you enhance your team’s skills, you’re investing in a critical layer of defense against cyber-attacks. Prepare your team with the knowledge and skills to respond confidently to cyber challenges, ensuring the safety and integrity of your organization’s digital assets.


Table-top exercises


Cyberattack Playbook


Crisis Management & Decision Making

Our Cybersecurity Preparation Exercises help with:


Critical Thinking Skills

Develop your leadership team’s critical thinking and decision-making skills under near-crisis conditions


Problem Detection

Learn to detect problems before they cause major issues


Preparedness Goal-setting

Practice formulating clear preparedness goals and developing effective processes for achieving them


Crisis Response

Strengthen the crisis preparedness and response skills of individual employees and entire organizations

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