Cybersecurity Preparation Exercise

Preparation is your best defense


Prepare your team for cyber emergencies
with tried-and-true tabletop exercises

Implementing the most up-to-date cybersecurity technology is no longer enough. With social engineering, phishing, and other scams able to target anyone, human error can be your weakest link; a recent Ponemon Institute study revealed a lack of personnel training to be the second most common cause of data breaches.

At SpliceNet, we understand the need for employee awareness training. We’ve developed a course of tabletop cybersecurity training exercises that you can quickly and easily implement, including cyberattack playbook exercises. We train and drill teams of all sizes to see how they deal with the cyberattack of your choice. Additional exercises include cybercrisis management and cyberbreach decision making; we can prepare your team for any scenario.


Table-top exercises


Cyberattack Playbook


Crisis Management & Decision Making

Our Cybersecurity Preparation Exercises help with:


Critical Thinking Skills

Develop your leadership team’s critical thinking and decision-making skills under near-crisis conditions


Problem Detection

Learn to detect problems before they cause major issues


Preparedness Goal-setting

Practice formulating clear preparedness goals and developing effective processes for achieving them


Crisis Response

Strengthen the crisis preparedness and response skills of individual employees and entire organizations

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