Hate Losing? Numb To It?

Are you numb to losing? I think I was.
I recently entered a speaking competition and lost.

It had been a long time since I knew, flat out that I had lost to someone. And the loss I had in a contest was a rude awakening - I LOST‼️

No excuses, I got beat.

Law Firm IT Trends of 2020

On this episode of No Law Firm Left Behind we discuss how money and budgets are tight yet the COVID #pivot requires new tech and security. Yet, #lawfirms don't want to invest in additional IT resources due to economic uncertainties.

Outsourced CO-MIT (Co-managed IT) and rapid technology implementation is being asked from outsourced IT providers and learning curves are not optional.

How Microsoft Teams Compares To Zoom

Zoom Is 1970 Firebird, Teams is 2020 Corvette

Zoom is like that awesome 1970 Firebird that I used to own. It's a great car. I loved it. If I had it right now, I'd probably just drive it on sunny days.

I'd enjoy it until I have to reach over and roll the window down on the passenger side or reach across the hot leather seat on the sunny day to unlock the door so my wife can get in.

Unboxing Cosmolex

Join us on No Law Firm Left Behind today when we Unbox Cosmolex, the claimed #1 Cloud Software for Legal Practice Management with Everything Your Law Firm Needs, All in One Place.

Jim, DJ and Vinny will use our 25 years of experience with practice management software, trust & business accounting, time tracking, billing, email & document management, and tasks & calendaring to put Cosmolex through the rigors to see how it stacks up.

Can I Email Passwords

Email is the mother load to hackers. Don’t send passwords by email.
Bank, credit card statements, financial records, medical records and for goodness sake; your social security number, all should never be sent by regular email.

Plus back and forth replies and forwards only severely increases the number of places that info is stored.

Is Public WiFi Safe If I Use a VPN

Is it safe to use VPN over public WiFi?

It’s my opinion that you
should not use public WiFi.

Instead use your mobile phone as a hotspot.

At least you know it’s a legit WiFi versus a fake WiFi.

#cybersecurity #nolawfirmleftbehind #lawfirms #lawyers

Bank vs Facebook Passwords, What the Diff

Passwords for financial and social media sites need to be protected for different reasons.
If money or goods can be stolen from you, those should be different passwords than any others

If you need more in depth best practices PM or call SpliceNet Consulting

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