Microsoft Requiring Partner Security

In a continuous effort to protect customers, Microsoft Partners in the US just received notice to meet Microsoft security requirements on August 1, 2019 or else.

The new security requirement is aimed at a very specific partner segment in which SpliceNet transacts: Cloud Solution Providers or “CSP”. As a CSP, we provide companies and law firms Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure subscriptions and other related Microsoft subscription services including Security products.

New eBay Gift Card Scam

So yet again, I bring you another scam. This time I bring you a unique eCommerce scam. Here’s the run down, this person was attempting to purchase a car off the popular app OfferUp. The seller mentioned that this car had been highly sought after recently and wanted a fee to hold the car for them.

Facebook Scams

Although most who watch this would never fall for this scam but many of our elderly and young Americans would. Warn your loved ones that criminal fraudsters can impersonate anyone’s (my mother-in-law in this case) Facebook account and get them to fall for costly tricks.

Gaping Hole In Your Security

To explain your security hole I'll use an analogy:

A typical law firm’s cyber threat protection is like home security:

Most homes have a solid front door with a locking handle, deadbolt and peep hole (your network Firewall)
Most homes have blinds or curtains in your windows and typical window locks that flip to lock (your computer Antivirus)
If your home has a sliding glass door for your patio or balcony you might have a “bar” to ensure if the lock is shimmied bad guys can’t slide the door open (Spam filtering software)
And finally on your garage door, there’s a lock that is probably not set because the garage door opener holds the door shut.

Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Office 365 is a one in all tool that is increasingly and more frequently being adopted by major companies, organizations, and businesses as an integral part and parcel of their content management, storage, and editing strategy. While it offers a plethora of convenience and functionality in many aspects, if there is one part where it comes up short and ends up lacking, it maybe its difficult to manage and carry out migration.

Should you worry about Facebook’s breach?

Facebook is the most popular platform for developing brand awareness because it allows businesses to target users based on what they have posted in the past. But after the recent data breach scandal, is your data still safe? Read on to find out if you need to worry about your privacy.