Working from Home Security Tips

The biggest potential threat to any law firm is hackers and cyber criminals. These hackers want into your system with no other purpose than to cause havoc. If given the opportunity these hackers will take advantage of it. The opportunity given to them can be microscopic, but they will turn this into macroscopic damage.

Don’t Do These On Your Work PC

When doing Work From Home you obviously have much less supervision and with that can cause legal staff and attorneys to become more laxed and lenient in their focus and adherence to cybersecurity best practices. It's the legal professional's responsibility to maintain appropriate levels of professional integrity but without realizing it you can inadvertently lower it in a WFH, non-office environment.

Pandemic Leaves Open Door for Hackers

When the world is in fear, it’s the easiest time for criminals to achieve their goals of harm. The same thing goes for cyber-criminals. With all the focus on this pandemic, it creates an open door for any hacker to slip through. We expect an increase in cyber attacks because of all the staff working from home.

Sorry for the rant...
I’ve heard some stories that have infuriated me about how during COVID some outsourced IT guys fell flat on helping law firms (and other businesses) from the start of the crisis. Law firm (and other businesses ) suffered SO BAD, I rewrote my LinkedIn Company page Description (read it here & like my page while there)- gimme some feedback on the post, please https://www.

Using Book Ends To Keep Staff On Task.

Law Firms, try Using Book Ends to Keep Staff On Task. Jim Gast of SpliceNet Consulting talks to No Law Firm Left Behind partner, Jeff Hanson of Trust IT in Baton Rouge, Louisiana while Jeff suggests Slack and Zoom as alternatives to Microsoft Teams and how to use "Book Ends" to keep attorneys and their staff on task and target while forced to Work From Home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ideas for hosting Teams meetings

COVID-19 is keeping you from face-to-face meetings but with Microsoft Teams being free virtual meetings are the way to go. iIt’s still important, however, to remember certain things when you’re holding Teams meetings.

Here are several tips that can help you carry out more successful and professional virtual meetings.

3 Tips to Protect Your Law Firm From Hackers

Your Law Firm, is under attack! Right now, extremely dangerous and well-funded cybercrime rings in China, Russia and the Ukraine are using sophisticated software systems to hack into thousands of law firms like yours to steal confidential client data and credit cards, and swindle money directly out of your IOLTA account.

3 Tips To Use Windows 10 Like an Expert

For those who remember the good ole days when Windows 7 replaced Windows X: happy days are here again.

In January 2020 Microsoft is sun-setting Windows 7 which means for business & firm owners, staff members and IT, more work and more to learn.

You’re probably saying, “I hate Windows 10” and honestly, I understand.

IT Outsourcing Checklist

Let me guess:
"Our IT guy has us covered" or "we trust them to take care of that for us".
How can you tell if your IT guy is putting your law license, reputation, money and staff at risk? If you always just "trust" them, you'll never know until it's too late and then you've lost $10,000-$20,000 in repair bills (to the IT guy no less), dozens of customers, respect of your colleagues (except the ones that took your clients) and hundreds of billable hours.