Microsoft 365 Security Design

Integrate data security and achieve compliance from the very start

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For organizations considering moving to the cloud, data security and compliance are top concerns. For Microsoft 365 users, stakeholders will want to know whether cloud security is on par with on-premises security or whether they're compliant with local regulations. Designing a Microsoft 365 security strategy that works for you takes expertise not only in cloud security but also in compliance. That's where SpliceNet can help.

Our Microsoft 365 Security Design service will help you develop tailored data security that also maintains compliance. You don't have to waste time and money making sense of and doing trial-and-error for all the apps, features, and add-ons available in Microsoft 365. We will simplify the process for you and help you enjoy all the benefits of Microsoft 365 without the security and compliance risks.

SpliceNet’s Microsoft 365 Security Design lets you take advantage of:

  • Multifactor Authentication – even if hackers crack your password, an extra layer of verification will block their access to your files
  • Mobile Device Management – control access to company files and networks in a bring your own device (BYOD) or remote work environment
  • Advanced Threat Protection – block malicious links and attachments from reaching your inbox
  • Data Loss Prevention – encrypt emails to prevent sensitive information from leaking outside your organization
  • Azure Identity Protection – AI tracks your working trends and flags or sends a warning when it detects unusual activity
  • Privileged Identity Management – control how long a user can access admin privileges and activate/deactivate admin status anytime

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