NOC (Network Operations Center)
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Outsource your NOC to maintain smooth infrastructure, system, and network operations

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Relieve Your In-House IT Team Of A Time-Consuming And Often Stressful Function

Businesses understand the need for constant network monitoring to keep their IT infrastructure optimal. However, without remote monitoring and management, IT issues can cause havoc anytime, day or night, keeping employees on call around the clock and even while on holiday. Moreover, hiring a top-level engineer to ensure flawless NOC (Network Operations Center) functioning costs a lot. This is where SpliceNet can help.

Outsourcing NOC service provides you with a plethora of benefits beyond 24x7 IT support. Our IT experts ensure maximum uptime through network monitoring — that in itself is a complex and complicated process that requires time and resources. For a flat monthly fee and without the need to hire more employees, you gain on-demand access to an expert team of NOC specialists who will efficiently automate and design your NOC setup.

Benefits of SpliceNet’s NOC service include:

  • Easy scalability – add or remove services without the need to purchase additional hardware or hire more staff
  • Available tool suite – you can either use our first-class NOC tool suite or use your existing in-house systems
  • Vendor-agnostic support – we support your IT environment regardless of hardware or software brand
  • Unique SLAs – standard SLAs are available but we can work with you to tailor an SLA that works for your needs
  • Cost savings – save more than 40% when you outsource NOC to us
  • Single point of contact – no more confusion in communications and enjoy a more streamlined process
  • Agile processes – seamless workflow improves productivity and simplifies operations
  • Competitive edge – focus on growing your business while we take care of network operations

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