Backupify Microsoft 365 Backup

Ensure your Microsoft 365 data is secure, easily recoverable, and protected

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Point-in-time, Multilayered Backups Let You Get Back To Work Fast

Just because data is created and stored in the cloud doesn't mean there is no need to back it up. Microsoft is on a shared responsibility model. This means that they monitor and maintain their cloud infrastructure but data backup and recovery are still your responsibility. And when you fail to deploy both, you are at risk of data loss and destroying your reputation. Prevent that from happening by partnering with SpliceNet.

Our Backupify Microsoft 365 Backup service will ensure fast recovery in the event of data loss. We will help with automated backups and ensure that you can restore data in a matter of minutes. And since an active Microsoft 365 subscription is required to access data, that means inactive user data is deleted, and maintaining idle licenses just to retain data is expensive. But with Backupify, user data across all Microsoft 365 plans are automatically saved, allowing you to save on licensing fees.

SpliceNet’s Backupify Microsoft 365 Backup service lets you:

  • Recover accidentally or maliciously deleted files and folders
  • Prevent Microsoft 365 data from being deleted by ex-employees or idle licenses
  • Protect against Microsoft 365 app breakdowns, failed third-party integrations, or malware attacks
  • Maintain control of critical data that you’ve been entrusted by customers to protect

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