Sophos Firewall & Wireless Security

Take control of all the application traffic on your network, wireless or otherwise

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A simplified interface removes the headache from network security

A majority of firewall software will require you to set up, monitor, and manage deployment across different modules and multiple devices. This makes managing and updating the software complex, time-consuming, and headache-inducing. Not with Sophos Firewall & Wireless Security. It features a unified interface that lets you manage, view, filter, and take control of all user, application, and network settings from a single device.

Partner with SpliceNet and we'll help you deploy Sophos XG Firewall — the industry leader in firewall performance, security, and control. The all-new advanced OS puts all the controls in a central location for simplified and streamlined management. And to make it easy to manage wireless security, we will also help you deploy Sophos Wireless. You'll have the freedom to choose between a modular management system or Sophos Central, where you can monitor it alongside the Sophos XG Firewall. By letting our certified technicians look after your Sophos software, you can maximize them without having to learn advanced security technology on your own.

Features of SpliceNet’s Sophos Firewall & Wireless Security include:

  • Predefined policy templates – protect common applications such as Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint easily with a set-and-forget security setting
  • Patented Layer-8 Identity control – take user identity to a whole new level by enabling user level controls over applications, bandwidth, and other network resources
  • Flexible deployment – regardless of hardware, software, or virtual environments
  • Automated user risk reports – a unique feature that allows you to identify risk-prone behavior using machine learning
  • Sophos Security Heartbeat™ – isolates or limits access to systems when a risk is identified at both endpoint and network levels

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