Your Law Firm Server Is A WASTE OF MONEY

Don’t let your files or application force your purchase of a new Money Pit

Dependence to on-premise technology is undoubtedly one of the best post-COVID Pivots your law firm make to remain competitive. Your clients, finances and staff are expecting, if not pushing you into making smarter business decisions and a new server or keep one isn’t one.

If you and your law firm are tired of the 5 year cycle of buying, updating, rebooting, patching, backing up, fixing, restoring, servicing, warrantying, upgrading and replacing a server for just one or two applications or your shared firm and client documents then it’s time to break the cycle. It’s a crazy waste of money and it’s not worth it any longer.

But I’m sure you also fear moving your firms servers to the cloud and giving the cloud provider an open checkbook not knowing what runaway spend you’ll see at the end of any given month. Right? Who would be?

Well, we say “no more” to both! No more wasting money, no more of the 5 year cycle, no more blank check being scared about your monthly bill.

Our Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) for Law Firms is what your firm has been waiting for:

  • No more hardware
  • Software to buy
  • Predictable monthly cost/user

As 25 year Legal Tech veterans, we’ve created a simple to use Azure Cloud WVD system exclusively for law firms that Legal Applications like TimeMatters, Amicus Attorney, Juris, iManage, Worldox, PCLaw, Quickbooks, MyCase, Clio and more all run on.

WVD costs range from $49-$79/user/month depending on your users and workloads and most often never change unless you change your firm grows (which is a good problem to have).

Here’s how our WVD plans will save you money:


We use Microsoft evaluation tools to determine your compute costs based on your current server


Our WVD plan turns servers off when not in use and powers them on as fast as it takes a fast Microsoft Surface to boot.


Plus we minimize storage costs by utilizing your SharePoint for your docs and files


We also use discount licensing plans from Microsoft that are only available to special partners that include Microsoft Server, Desktop and Office licenses.


Finally we use flexible agreements with Microsoft that we can change as your business needs change.

Before you consider a new hunk of metal that’ll cost you $40,000+ over 5 years, sit in the closet taking up space, collecting dust and costing you electricity, let us demo and compare.

Complete the form and find out with confidence how much your Microsoft cloud cost and saving will be and don’t repeat your 5 year server-waste-of-money-cycle NOW.


Request a Free Azure Windows Virtual Desktop for Law Firms Guide

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