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Cloud Security Services

Many firms and legal entities are migrating to cloud services because of the collaborative capabilities, flexibility, and overall lower costs. One of the other top reasons these firms are moving to the cloud is because of the premium security features they provide with much more capability than what can be done on-premises. But doesn’t that make cloud services a large target for malicious attackers?

The answer is yes and the cloud providers know that. Microsoft is often called the largest telemetry network in the world with billions of devices handling billions of authentications every month and scanning over 400 billion emails a month. When Artificial Intelligence is introduced, new attack vectors are identified.

The result of this global telemetry and analysis is a next generation of security products – available to you as a cloud services subscriber.

Evaluate Your Law Firm Cloud Security Posture

Even while utilizing the cloud as the most secure infrastructure available for your business there are still recommended security practices that must be followed and maybe even governed by your area of practice. Consider the security settings of your cloud tenant, security of your firm’s network, and security for traveling attorneys. All of these areas present opportunities for attackers. You need to ask, are your staff and attorneys proficient in all of the latest security threats or do they need help?

Included in Our Managed Cloud Security Service

  • Security Score monitor Office 365 security alerts
  • Honey Pot setup of attacker traps with monitoring
  • Antivirus setup with active monitoring and mitigation
  • Device Guard only approved apps installed by users
  • Data Classification setup user data classifications
  • Antivirus setup with active monitoring and mitigation
  • Shadow IT finding those apps unknown to IT
  • Simulations of email phishing attacks raising awareness
  • Password Spray attacks to better secure credentials
  • Brute Force password attacks

Managed Cloud Security Services

After many years of law firm customer engagements and hearing concerns about security both on-premises and in the cloud, we are now offering a security service as part of a managed solution. We have an experienced team of security focused engineers available to become your organization’s technical security department at a very low cost. Put your security concerns to rest by trusting our team. We offer all of the services above as part of our managed cloud security service. Additional service information is available on the back of this document.


Shadow IT Monitoring

While a law firm’s technical department provides the tools needed for productivity, many firms are now concerned about applications and tools they are not aware of. These applications are seen by users and randomly installed, sometimes going viral before a technical department is aware of its existence. While users may consider these new tools to be “cool,” they represent very real dangers to a firm’s data security and potential network breaches. Our managed security service will continuously monitor for these unsanctioned applications known as Shadow IT.


Microsoft Office 365 Security Monitoring

Securing your Microsoft Office 365 cloud environment and network is critical to your overall security posture. Our team of security experts will help ensure that your company’s critical data is protected. Our monitoring activities leverage a set of clear, proven processes and recommendations, leveraging Microsoft’s Office 365 Security Assessment. While security provided by cloud vendors is by far the safest environment to use today for your firm, how each of the settings are defined must continuously be evaluated. Any changes to your security posture will trigger an alert to us.

SpliceNet Legal Tech Is Your Trusted Law Firm Technology Advisor

We have been in business for over 25 years and have engaged with thousands of law firms on a variety of products. Our company has a long standing and difficult to achieve Microsoft Gold Partner accreditation in Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Collaboration and Content, Enterprise Mobility Management, Communications, and Messaging. Our business has always been focused on Microsoft technologies and was one of the first to join Microsoft in their journey to offer cloud services. Few companies can compare to our achievements and the quality of people and work products we offer our customers. Let us be your cloud and network security partner.

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