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Comprehensive Cloud Security Services

A lot of small and medium-sized businesses are making the move to cloud services. Why? Because the cloud offers a fantastic mix of teamwork tools, flexibility, and let's not forget, it's pretty easy on the wallet, too. Plus, there’s another big bonus – the security in the cloud is top-notch, often much better than what you can get with traditional setups in your office. But does all this high-end security make cloud services a big red target for hackers?

Well, yes, it does. But security providers like Microsoft are aware of this and are running some seriously heavy-duty networks and advanced AI that handle an incredible amount of data and security checks daily.

That means your organization is getting access to some of the latest and greatest security tech. Thanks to these massive networks and their smart AI, you’re getting a level of security that's always evolving and always one step ahead of hackers.

Let's Talk About Your Cloud Security Game Plan

So, you've moved to the cloud – great choice! But remember, even with the solid security the cloud offers, there are a few things your business should keep an eye on. It's not just about being secure; it's about being smart too. There are industry standards and rules that you just can't skip over.

Think about your cloud setup – are your settings, network security, and remote work policies up to scratch? It's super important to make sure your team is clued up on the latest cyber threats and knows how to handle them. Need a hand in this area? That’s where our Managed Cloud Security Services come in.

Our Managed Cloud Security Service Includes:

  • Security Score Monitoring: Keeping an eye on Office 365 security alerts.
  • Honey Pot: Setting up attacker traps and monitoring.
  • Antivirus: Implementation with active monitoring and mitigation.
  • Device Guard: Ensuring only approved apps are installed by users.
  • Data Classification: Setting up user data classifications.
  • Shadow IT Monitoring: Identifying and managing unsanctioned apps.
  • Phishing Simulations: Raising awareness through email attack simulations.
  • Password and Brute Force Attack Protection: Strengthening credentials security.

Tailored Security Support Across Industries

We've been working with all sorts of businesses – from legal firms to manufacturers and even non-profits. Now, we’re offering our expertise as a part of a managed package. Our security pros are like having your very own in-house tech team, and the best part? It’s affordable.

Keep an Eye on Shadow IT

In the world of digital business, Shadow IT can be a sneaky problem. Shadow IT is when your staff uses apps and tools without the IT department's knowledge. These might look helpful or trendy, but they can be a backdoor for security risks. Don't worry, our managed service keeps an eye on these rogue apps to keep your digital space safe and sound.

Lock Down Your Organization With Microsoft Office 365 Security Monitoring

If your team uses Microsoft Office 365, you’re in good hands. But it still needs a watchful eye. Our experts are here to keep your critical data safe, sticking to Microsoft's security playbook. Even though cloud security is top-notch, it's all about how you set it up. Any slight change, and we’re on it, making sure your cloud environment stays secure.

Your Trusted Technology Partner

With over 25 years in business and extensive experience with diverse organizations, our company holds a distinguished Microsoft Gold Partner accreditation for Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Collaboration and Content, Enterprise Mobility Management, Communications, and Messaging.

Our business has always focused on Microsoft technologies and was among the first to join Microsoft in its journey to offer cloud services. Few companies can compare to our achievements and the quality of people and work products we offer our customers. Let us be your cloud and network security partner.

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