Security & Compliance

Powerful network defense schemes to ensure your data remains protected and your reputation stays intact

Cybersecurity Monitoring
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Businesses that handle sensitive client data need always-secure networks. That’s because cybercriminals are always working to steal it with ransomware bugs, viruses, and phishing scams. They can even disrupt entire operations by severing network connections, corrupting software, and bringing hardware to a standstill.

Fortunately, there are plenty of cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and processes available to protect your business and all its endpoints.

When SpliceNet is your strategic security partner, you’ll benefit from robust firewalls, state-of-the-art software programs, and failsafe intrusion-detection tools. We proactively monitor and manage your systems to spot flaws in your cybersecurity protocols and resolve them before they cause major issues.

Our cybersecurity specialists stay up to date with industry developments, particularly emerging threats. This allows them to recommend enterprise-level products and solutions to keep cybercriminals at bay and to ensure your business continues to operate at its prime.

Vulnerability assessment from SpliceNet will help your business recognize and classify security gaps in your employees’ devices, IT and communications systems, and more. By dealing with these vulnerabilities early on, we can work with your business to develop patches and solutions to reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

The result of this evaluation will give you an in-depth view into your business’s technology infrastructure. You gain a better understanding of your hardware and software lifecycles, and identify performance bottlenecks, such as configuration issues.

And in terms of compliance, our specialists handle everything -- from proactively checking for vulnerabilities in the system to making sure you comply with industry regulations, including HIPAA, GBLA, PCI, and ISO.

Our extensive solution involves developing tailored procedures and policies to ensure you stay compliant. We even identify, notify, and correct any protocol that does not adhere to the stringent regulations of your industry. This allows us to prevent major failures and disasters from happening to your business.

SpliceNet’s Security & Compliance service includes an array of features:

  • state-of-the-art firewalls
  • WiFi access and traffic management
  • Round-the-clock network scanning & monitoring
  • Up-to-date email encryption & antivirus apps

Cybersecurity Monitoring & Compliance

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