FCC Cyberplanner

FCC Cyberplanner

Some time ago, the FCC was kind enough to put together a decent Cybersecurity planning tool for all to use. As with anything it takes quite a bit of work to employ but with enough work, it’s a pretty good start.

All Law Firms should have a comprehensive Cybersecurity Plan that helps you Prepare, Detect and Respond to a breach. IT teams are great at supporting your technology but typically not prepared to help a firm in this capacity. You should employ at least the following internal and/or external resources:

  • Cyber Attorney
  • Cybersecurity Tech Experts
  • Cyber Insurance Specialist
  • Internal Cyber & Tech Stakeholders
  • Incident Response Team

It all starts with the realization that the threat is REAL and not going away. Unfortunately the business technology climate has changed and you WILL have an adverse Cyber event in the near future. Every firm of all sizes are in jeopardy and the type of law you practice is irrelevant.

Here’s the most important question: what would you do in the event your Client Confidential Data was breached or your IOLTA account was drained by a cyber-thief?

Don’t know? Don’t wait.