Cybersecurity tools that actually help

Cybersecurity tools that actually help

Any IT person that tells you they have the cure for computer viruses or your firewall will keep hackers out is LYING! Abruptly grab them by their belt and give them the boot.

Now the fact is that in your Cybersecurity stack, you cannot live without Antivirus or a Firewall but not just any. Your law firm must have business-grade software and devices to ensure at least these are up to the task of protecting you.

So what else do you need in your “Cybersecurity stack”. Here’s a simple list that’ll help you move down the road:

  • Antivirus that is monitored and managed
    • We like webroot
  • Firewall (same thing here, monitored and managed)
    • We like Sophos
  • Web Filtering software. Not for keeping your staff from certain web sites (although a useful feature that should be considered) but to keep bad web site traffic from coming into your network and on a PC
    • We like OpenDNS
  • “Software updating” software that is automatic across the board. Most viruses and hacks take advantage of unpatched software vulnerabilities in Windows, Adobe, Firefox and many other we’ll know applications
    • Some use WSUS but it only takes care of Microsoft software. Our proprietary system handles much more
  • Simplified staff Cybersecurity awareness training. Your staff unknowingly have become your biggest vulnerability.
    • This one is easy, sign your entire staff up for our free weekly “Cybersecurity quiz”
  • “Clicker” recognition software. Testing/track them with weekly fake phishing scams and by giving simple remediation training definitely helps.
    • We love KnowBe4
  • Finally, BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP. When it hits the fan, you’ll need a system that can get you running again in hours not days
    • We like ShadowProtect. We use it in conjunction with our data center

There’s your baseline. There is much more that can be done to lower the risk and depending on your area of law and client requirements. My suggestion is to start with an assessment from a reputable Cybersecurity company that specializes with Law Firms because you don’t know what you don’t know. Now who could I recommend???? Hmmmmm….