Pandemic Leaves Open Door for Hackers

Pandemic Leaves Open Door for Hackers

When the world is in fear, it’s the easiest time for criminals to achieve their goals of harm. The same thing goes for cyber-criminals. With all the focus on this pandemic, it creates an open door for any hacker to slip through. We expect an increase in cyber attacks because of all the staff working from home. Many Law Firms won’t think about their security when their staff are working from the comfort of their sofa. This is a very dangerous mindset.

Here are some tips to help with your staff’s home security

  1. Make sure your staff isn’t using their home computer when working
  2. Ensure firm provided computers have a firewall installed and turned on
  3. Encourage your staff to use a VPN, as this is the only way to truly secure your data.

Keeping your staff’s at home work secure is important because if a hacker gets into their computer they could potentially have access to all information about your firm. This includes your clients personal information and data.

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