Real Reason Social Media Is Important to Lawyers

Real Reason Social Media Is Important to Lawyers

🤔If Post Likes, Comments and Shares are your goal

You got it all wrong…

❓How many of us have created the most awesome post we thought “oh yeah, the world is gonna love this!!!!”

Then we post it all over our social channels and we come back an hour later

...only to see
no one like it.
no one commented.
no one shared it.
and LinkedIn or Facebook
algorithms didn’t even put it out there.

Man that just deflates you like a balloon? 🎈

The problem isn’t the algo and it isn’t the platform.

It’s your motives.

Glory-hunting is not the reason to contribute and if that’s your motivation, find a new one!💥

I’m hoping for #LinkedInLive to help reach my goal of serving my audiences. Getting turned down twice does hurt but then I remember my “why” and I keep pressing on.

What’s your “why” for contributing on social media?

#NoLawFirmLeftBehind #lawfirms #linkedinvideos

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