Hate Losing? Numb To It?

Hate Losing? Numb To It?

Are you numb to losing? I think I was.
I recently entered a speaking competition and lost.

It had been a long time since I knew, flat out that I had lost to someone. And the loss I had in a contest was a rude awakening - I LOST‼️

No excuses, I got beat. But as I sit here a few days later, I really appreciate the WAKE UP CALL.
I forgot how bad I hated losing and how horrible it felt.

It had such an impact on me that I started thinking, I’ve been losing for a long time and not even realizing or feeling like i had been.

I’m working towards my goals but every time I lose focus, I’m losing and after you lose focus too much, you become anesthetized to losing. The rotten feeling of losing becomes less than even a minor itch. That’s when losing becomes very dangerous.

So here’s your WAKE UP CALL. If you’re losing, STOP IT. Get the feeling back in your gut and GET BACK TO WINNING again.

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