Does the technology or cybersecurity of your law firm rest on you? If there's a cybersecurity event, do you take all the blame and none of the credit for avoiding them? Charged with improving the firm's Cybersecurity defenses and education but been given limited or no budget to do so? Do you see holes in the proverbial Cybersecurity dam that need plugged but you're not getting the buy-in you need to stop the potential leaks before they happen? We know your ongoing and often invisible efforts to keep things in your firm running and we get it! As IT guys too, we know it can be sometimes be the most thankless job that takes all the blame and usually none of the credit.

Your job is already difficult enough in keeping the firm secure and running but sadly any single cybersecurity event has the potential of undermining all you do. Would you like to eliminate the burden of the criminal acts of an infinite number of hackers and the accidents of unsuspecting end-users but still be in full control? We'd like you to also? Truthfully, other Cybersecurity management providers commonly are just trying to take over your technology management and put you out of a job. NOT US. We want you full in control, hold us accountable AND we want you to take full credit for being the firm's cybersecurity hero plus when there is a cybersecurity event, we will help you avoid the negative consequences. Your challange is precisely the reason why we created the Law Firm Cybersecurity Rapid Assessment Worksheet.

Our Law Firm Cybersecurity Rapid Assessment Worksheet Will

  • Uncover and help you disclose to your firm leadership the weak link in your Cybersecurity protection
  • Clear you from any technology misconceptions the firm partners and management may have
  • Give you the ammunition you need to get partners, committees and C-Levels to take the action you've professed for years.
  • Demonstrate how prepared or not your firm is for a major cybersecurity event
  • "Sell" your findings to the managing partner or executive or technology committees

Why give our tools away? Unlike other Cybersecurity management companies, Law Firm cybersecurity, compliance and technology is our only business. After working for 150+ law firms over the last 25 years, we know how little non-technical people know (or care to know) about what it is you do and how difficult it can for you to help them understand. Our goal is to help you put your firm's cybersecurity landscape into terms they'll understand and take seriously before it's too late.

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