Attachment/Link Testing

Layered defense that scans for every suspicious email attachment

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No matter how legitimate they seem, attachments have the potential to wreak havoc on your systems

In addition to using malicious links and impersonation to launch targeted attacks, hackers have also used attachments to intrude into systems. Sandboxing is crucial in detecting malware-laden attachments. However, hackers always find a way to get through traditional sandboxes, and without another layer of protection, malicious attachments can still potentially wreak havoc on an organization's IT environment.

This is where SpliceNet’s Attachment/Link Testing service can help. Our solution provides static file analysis and on-demand sandboxing before the email is delivered to the recipient. This multilayered protection alters malicious attachments to a safe format as they go through the email gateway. This ensures you have the first line of defense, and so no matter how fast or how sophisticated malware can get, you can rest assured that your emails are protected.

SpliceNet’s Attachment/Link Testing will:

  • Maintain employee productivity by eliminating traditional sandboxing latency
  • Ensure flexibility by letting administrators or end users apply sandboxing and static file analysis to chosen senders
  • Provide real-time threat analysis with built-in reporting and delivery of threat intelligence data
  • Keep on-site and remote networks safe, including mobile devices

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