Email Encryption

Protect your email communications from the inside out

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Cloud-based security service that monitors and remediates internally composed emails

When developing email security strategies, organizations build fortresses that protect them from external threats. However, overlooking internal risks make employees unwitting participants in launching attacks against customers, suppliers, and other third-party email recipients. Internally created outbound emails represent 60% of email traffic and have the potential to distribute sensitive information and open the doors to data leakage. That's where SpliceNet’s Email Encryption can help.

Our Email Encryption ensures your email security internally and externally. Our offering scans internal and outbound emails so we can identify, monitor, and mitigate risks that originate from inside the organization. This cloud-based service scans for attachments, URLs, and messages that go against data leak guidelines. Our solution lets you enjoy peace of mind knowing that you'll never have to send out a recall notice for an email that shouldn't have gone out in the first place.

SpliceNet’s Email Encryption will:

  • Complement other Mimecast email security strategies for truly comprehensive protection
  • Inspect inbound, outbound, and in-standby email from a cloud-based solution
  • Detect lateral attacks between internal email users
  • Identify threats or sensitive information in the outbox that may destroy company reputation
  • Automatically remove internal emails that contain threats

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Attachment/Link Testing

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