Impersonation Prevention

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Cybersecurity awareness trainings can only do so much

As more companies are adopting cybersecurity measures to protect their IT systems, cybercriminals turn their attention to the weakest link in any security strategy — the human factor. These social engineering attempts are often called CEO fraud, impersonation, whaling, or business email compromise. These attacks don't employ malicious URLs. Instead, cybercriminals impersonate CEOs or other ranking employees to gain access to financial information, proprietary information, and other confidential data. These malware-less attacks trick employees into making bank transfers, sending personal information to hackers to sell on the dark web, and other damaging activities.

SpliceNet’s Impersonation Prevention helps you detect and prevent these targeted attacks. The solution uses Mimecast's unique algorithm of key indicators detected in an email that determines suspicious content even in the absence of a malicious URL. The software scans for the email’s display name, domain name, domain age, reply-to information, and the body of the message. If the email fails a combination of tests, administrators can decide whether to delete or quarantine the message or simply warn the receiver about the potentially suspicious email.

SpliceNet’s Impersonation Prevention will:

  • Screen for newly observed domain (NOD) names that are most commonly used for attacks
  • Protect your employees from display name spoofing and reply-to address mismatches
  • Mark suspicious emails visibly so employees can easily avoid opening them
  • Strengthen your protection with Mimecast’s threat intelligence infrastructure and Messaging Security teams
  • Give you complete control over handling of emails: quarantine, delete, or mark emails

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