Phishing Prevention

Block hacker and malware attacks even before they reach your inbox

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Keep your inboxes safe from the bottom up

Email is the most commonly used medium for hackers to launch targeted, advanced attacks such as whaling, phishing, spear-phishing, and more. You need to shield your organization with real-time, enterprise-class protection that blocks attacks at the URL level and supplements your existing anti-spam or antivirus defenses. That's where SpliceNet’s Phishing Prevention service can help.

For a flat monthly fee, we offer Phishing Prevention that scans all links and destination URLs in inbound emails in real time. When a potentially malicious website is blocked, no user on your network will be able to access it, regardless of device. A website can only be whitelisted after domain security checks and URL validation are performed, both of which make use of real-time and cached feeds, advanced feedback-based analysis, and Mimecast's global block and allow lists. This means you can rest assured that all emails that enter any inbox in your organization bring messages and not harm.

SpliceNet’s Phishing Prevention solution includes:

  • Mimecast’s threat intelligence infrastructure and Messaging Security teams
  • Comprehensive protection beyond your company's in-house network
  • Dynamic user training that nurtures your company's online safety culture
  • A rapid deployment that doesn't require additional software, hardware, or costs
  • A central control panel that allows for easy and extensive management, monitoring, and reporting

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