SharePoint/OneDrive Document Migration

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File sharing and collaboration has never been easier

Many businesses are adopting SharePoint and OneDrive because of the convenience, simplicity, and safety that they add to work processes. Teams working remotely with this software get uninterrupted access to office files and folders anytime, anywhere, on any internet-ready device. However, migration headaches and compliance issues have resulted in stakeholders holding back from deploying SharePoint and OneDrive. If you find yourself in this situation, it's time to talk to SpliceNet.

By signing up for our SharePoint/OneDrive Document Migration service, you will take advantage of our team's in-depth technical expertise. We will help you migrate to the latest versions of both SharePoint or SharePoint Online. If you're simply looking to change your existing SharePoint or OneDrive deployment model, we can also help you improve your implementations so you can nurture better work processes, improve performance, and increase your team's productivity.

SpliceNet’s SharePoint/OneDrive Document Migration service includes:

  • Designing a migration plan
  • Securely moving critical data and other content
  • Integrating advanced features so you can maximize the benefits of SharePoint or OneDrive and reduce maintenance costs
  • Optimizing your SharePoint or OneDrive environment
  • Improving interface for increased ease of use

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