Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Overcome limitations on collaboration between separate Microsoft 365 tenants

How do you successfully bridge the gap between target and source Microsoft 365 tenants?

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Outsourcing your Tenant to Tenant Migrations to SpliceNet lets you take advantage of our team's extensive Microsoft 365 and project management expertise. We start by assessing both source and target tenants to get a comprehensive picture before executing an efficient migration. We utilize your existing Azure environment so critical data doesn't leave the safety of your IT infrastructure, ensuring maximum privacy and control. This also lets us seamlessly update both source and target on-site Active Directories, which results in efficient migration and synchronization even in hybrid or cloud-only environments.

Merge, consolidate, or relocate Microsoft 365 tenants

Companies are increasingly going through mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. And with Microsoft 365 being the go-to productivity tool for the majority of businesses, there is a higher need for efficient migration and a combination of different Microsoft 365 subscriptions. However, with the need to accommodate the quantity of data that the platform needs to process, Microsoft 365 has become more complex over the years, so much so that it makes it complicated for organizations to merge different Microsoft 365 tenants.

Adding to the complications are advanced applications such as Microsoft Teams and Planner, and their unique data, archiving, and API needs. With these next-gen apps, the conventional practice of simply moving data from one server to another becomes infeasible. So how do you fill this void in the merging process?

The benefits of SpliceNet’s Tenant to Tenant Migrations include:

  • Comprehensive solution – regardless of size or complexity, we have a full suite of migration tools including enterprise coexistence so you can rest assured data and software will be ready according to the project deadline
  • No downtime or data loss – we ensure maximum continuity when migrating so remote systems such as messaging and other core processes continue to operate
  • Maximum service availability – users of different tenants can efficiently communicate with one another as if on the same domain
  • Fast and secure big data migration – unparalleled speed, reliability, and security, thanks to Azure data centers

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