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How You Deploy Windows 10 Now Affects Your Future Bottom Line

Many businesses have adopted Windows 10 because of its unmatched enterprise-level security. The latest edition of Windows is the “most secure ever,” according to Microsoft. Advanced new security features include Early Launch Anti-Malware (ELAM), Device Health Attestation (DHA), blocking untrusted Fonts, and more.

Configuring these security capabilities and ensuring Windows 10 is always up to date requires top-class expertise and time-consuming commitment. Hiring talent of this caliber drains organizations’ time and capital. But it doesn’t have to.

By partnering with SpliceNet, you get the expert service you need without draining your resources. Our Windows 10 Desktop Deployment service helps you with the entire process, from pilot deployment to application compatibility remediation. Our team of experienced consultants enables you to roll out Windows 10 to select users to ensure that your employees and hardware are ready for the software. With thousands of customizable settings, from font permissions to virtualization-based security, we will streamline your company policies and optimize Windows 10 to your organization's unique needs. As updates and patches are released, we will evaluate, test, and deploy them to maintain your OS's health and security.

With SpliceNet’s Windows 10 Desktop Deployment, we will:

  • Help you migrate from Windows 7 and other operating systems seamlessly
  • Use tried and tested methodologies and industry best practices
  • Make sure you take advantage of Windows 10’s full functionalities
  • Liaise with third-party vendors for more complex needs, such as app compatibility strategies
  • Develop a tailored roadmap so you can maximize the benefits of Windows 10

Don't miss out on the benefits of the most secure Windows ever. Maximize your Windows 10 investment and future-proof your business. For a smooth, expert-led transition to Windows 10, call us today.

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