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Windows Desktop & Application Deployment has evolved.

Readiness and Deployment of Windows 10 Enterprise used to only be affordable to Enterprise businesses with elaborate technology and deep budgets. Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 has changed that:

SMB Windows 10 Readiness Assessment (best for 10-75 PCs)

SMBs, Don't spend a fortune on Windows 10! Getting and Deploying Windows 10 is easier than ever before. Whether you are upgrading your PCs, refreshing existing PCs or replacing them, you should know before you start what systems and applications are compatible with Windows 10. It's best to also plan on keeping them up-to-date so you can get the latest compatibility, productivity and security features and support for your users. Our SMB Microsoft Windows 10 Readiness Assessment includes:

  • Device & App Readiness evaluation
  • Server and Network Readiness
  • Office & Line of Business App Compatibility
  • User Files & Settings Migration
  • Security & Compliance Considerations
  • Windows Deployment & Feature Updates

Large Scale Windows 10 Readiness Workshop (best for 75-1000 PCs)

Larger deployments require more planning and evaluation to ensure a successful roll-out and long-term success. Ultimately you may want to execute the plan internally or have our engineers guide your success. Deployment options vary like using Windows-as-a-Service, Windows Autopilot, staged deployments or controlling the User Experience. A Windows 10 Readiness Workshop starting with the Microsoft Windows 10 Desktop Deployment Wheel Analysis may be what you need:

  • Overview & Delivery Timelines Guidance
  • Assessment Goals Determination
  • Present Desktop Assessment & Deployment Options
  • Detailed Discovery Q&A
  • Introduction to Windows Analytics & Office Readiness Toolkit
  • Findings & Recommendations Presentation
  • Customer Reporting

Windows 10 User Training and Education

In an SMB or Large scale deployment User Communication and Training is critical to success in minimizing business interruption and driving usage of new capabilities that enhance teamwork, communications and productivity.

Windows 10 user capabilities like Windows Hello to log in securely with biometrics, Start Menu updates to personalize the Windows experience, Timeline to easily get back to what you were working on, Focus Assist to help minimize distractions, Nearby Sharing Virtual Desktops, Cortana and more are great to inform and prepare users to take advantage of.

Learn more about User Tips for a successful Windows 10 Migration & Deployment.

Get the Windows 10 Readiness Assessment Worksheet

Get planning your Windows 10 Assessment using our Windows 10 Readiness Assessment Worksheet to help you determine your SMB or Large business Windows 10 Readiness.
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