Microsoft Taps SpliceNet As Nonprofit Partner

Our SpliceNet team's impact supporting the technology & cybersecurity needs of Nonprofit has earned a Microsoft Nonprofit Partner status.

SpliceNet has consulted for nonprofit entities since it’s inception. Your NFP can trust SpliceNet for assistance in all aspects of IT services & support.

From full outsourced IT support, technology management and advice your technology, cybersecurity and related process needs and problems can be no more. Need to manage or implement a new technology? All of our services and offerings fit most nonprofits precisely that same as other businesses BUT TYPICALLY THROUGH DONATION OR CHARITY pricing.

Already have an In-house IT Team and need assistance on a project? Our expert nonprofit consulting team has deep knowledge of nonprofit so your technical team can employ SpliceNet for high-level project consulting on Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Disaster Recovery, network or VoIP efforts.

For your NFP, SpliceNet can find philanthropic resources for many of your technology needs including no-cost Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure Cloud services and hardware/software procurement using our distributor/vendor non-profit/charity pricing models.

Microsoft Quotes SpliceNet on Microsoft's NFP Site:

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