SpliceNet makes Microsoft Teams A Great Legal Tool

Stagnaro, Saba & Patterson has used Office 365 for email and our Office software subscription for a few years, but we’ve never been able to get much more from all Office 365 has to offer, until now. Jim Gast, CEO of SpliceNet Legal Tech used their 10-person Microsoft Surface Laptop lab and gave our firm a 2-day, hands-on “immersion experience” on Office 365 allowing our staff to discover for ourselves how Office 365 apps like Teams, Planner, Excel & Word co-authoring and more could solve our business problems. Now with the help of SpliceNet, we’re beginning to collaborate on case workloads in ways we never thought possible. Don’t delay doing your Law Firm Office 365 Immersion Experience with SpliceNet Legal Tech.

Operations & Marketing Director
Stagnaro, Saba & Patterson Co., LPA