Cryptolocker Quiz

Cryptolocker Quiz


On January 26, 2016 we asked our followers the following question:


We had 93 people respond with the following results:


Interestingly only 16% of respondents would have done what our Cyber Security experts suggested their answer to the question:

This is a Cyptolocker virus that encrypts and make unreadable many types of files that are accessible from your computer. Generally it will crawl your computer, server and network looking for files that you have permissions to and then prompt you after much of the destruction it performs is complete.

The correct steps to handle this virus is:

  1. Immediately turn off your computer by holding the power button down. Do not exit your programs or save your data, it’s already too late. The longer your computer remains turned on, the more damage it does.
  2. tell your boss
  3. call for computer supportThe only sure way to recover the data it destroyed is by restoring from backup.

Tip: never ignore a potential virus popup. Always turn off your computer and call us for computer support @ 513.563.3533.

Makes you stop and thing a little. Are we educating our corporate computer users as best as we should?