Gaping Hole In Your Security

Gaping Hole In Your Security

To explain your security hole I'll use an analogy:

A typical law firm’s cyber threat protection is like home security:

  • Most homes have a solid front door with a locking handle, deadbolt and peep hole (your network Firewall)
  • Most homes have blinds or curtains in your windows and typical window locks that flip to lock (your computer Antivirus)
  • If your home has a sliding glass door for your patio or balcony you might have a “bar” to ensure if the lock is shimmied bad guys can’t slide the door open (Spam filtering software)
  • And finally on your garage door, there’s a lock that is probably not set because the garage door opener holds the door shut. Plus the garage has a keypad code to open it and a button fob you keep in your car (Web filtering software)

If this sounds like your home, you have the bare essentials to keep your family and belongings safe.

But if your home was in a crime-ridden, break-in prone community (like the Internet) would the bare essentials be enough to keep your family and belongings safe?

Could someone broke in while you and your family were sleeping or out to dinner? Could they slipped under the garage door while it was shutting as you drove off not looking back? How would you know? How long could they be in your house hiding in your basement before you knew?

Unless you have a home alarm system no one monitors your house 24x7 for criminals trying to steal you blind and before you even knew anything was up!!! Heck they could even break a window one night when you're not home and who would be the wiser until you get home?

The Internet is that crime-ridden, break-in prone community full of sneaky criminal hackers targeting any and all firms and businesses. The Gaping Hold in your Security isn't a deficiency in a particular technology. The Gaping Hole is that when hackers break in you don't know they've beat your bare essential security until the damage is done and it's too late.

Monitored Network Security Closes The Gaping Hole

Common Firewalls, Antivirus, Spam and Web Filtering software are give you the essential basic protection but the bad guys are smart at tricking your staff at letting them in. Once a criminal hacker gets in they sit quietly and wait to start deleting, locking or stealing your data until after business hours or on a weekend when no one is around to notice anything.

Monitored Network Security Stops Hackers In Minutes
Just like a good home security system will call the police to come stop the criminals, Monitored Network Security stops hackers in minutes 24x7 even when no one is working by watching over your servers, network, data, applications and computers keeping an eye out for suspicious behaviors and activity.

So when the Internet's criminal element beat your firewall, antivirus, spam filter and web filtering software Network Security Monitoring still detects and stops the hacker’s criminal activity in minutes before they do you real harm.

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