Your Law Firm Needs Bad Medicine, Whoa!

Your Law Firm Needs Bad Medicine, Whoa!

Jim Gast, Law Firm Evangelist & SpliceNet Consulting ( CEO
Got a Bon Jovi tune in my head, “Your #lawfirm Needs Bad Medicine. Bad medicine is what I need, whoa.” (bet you sing that all day now)

You and your staff may not like it but let’s face it, this bad medicine may be needed immediately‼️ This WILL solve attorney and staff productivity problems NOW⁉️ It’s for our own well being. It’s this or risk the alternatives.

When my kids were little they hated “yucky medicine” when they were sick. They had a fever, runny nose, cough, an achy body and they needed the “bad” medicine to get better.

Your law firm is no different. If you have a life threatening symptom you need a remedy NOW. That symptom might be lack of focus, lack of productivity or distractions while working remotely so you need medicine “yucky medicine” to solve that problem.

Let’s talk about the “yucky medicine” to save your law firm’s life.