What Legal Marketing Will Be In 2021

#COVID and #workfromhome have been a double-edge sword. These have awoken the #legal industry to the necessity to #pivot in client marketing. Many hoped things would "go back to the way they were" but our prediction is that hope is futile.
The legal client is different now and the "old" methods of client attraction must change if a firm is to continue to compete.

How Microsoft Teams Compares To Zoom

Zoom Is 1970 Firebird, Teams is 2020 Corvette

Zoom is like that awesome 1970 Firebird that I used to own. It's a great car. I loved it. If I had it right now, I'd probably just drive it on sunny days.

I'd enjoy it until I have to reach over and roll the window down on the passenger side or reach across the hot leather seat on the sunny day to unlock the door so my wife can get in.

Why You Need To Watch Out

No one is looking at us.

A common thought you have when you don’t want to spend any more on network security.

It’s completely understandable. No one wants to spend money on security. Who would?

But would you rather give a hacker $100,000? How about $50,000? Or even $25,000? These are absolutely REAL ransom amounts you could have to pay.