How Windows Virtual Desktops Solves WFH Problems

How Windows Virtual Desktops Solves WFH Problems

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30 Microsoft Teams Tricks in 30 Mins | No Law Firm Left Behind Live! 30 Jun 2020 "Learn 30 Microsoft Teams Tricks in 30 mins. Dave and Jim have been Teams evangelists since day one. During the COVID quarantines we setup Teams for 300+ law firm users in multiple firm.
This will be a preview Jim’s ALA webinar on 7/15.

Not using Teams, this will be a great way to evaluate it and ask questions from law firm experts.

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Best Ways To Avoid COVID Hackers 8 Jun 2020 "If you don’t stop screwing this up COVID-19 hackers will make your quarantine seem like a catnap.
#lawfirms #nolawfirmleftbehind"
How Windows Virtual Desktops Solves WFH Problems 7 Jun 2020 "More on WVD here:
#windowsvirtualdesktop for #lawfirms will make #workfromhome easily morph into #workfromanywhere and firms can stop spending $20K+ for a server that costs $10K+/year to support only because of a couple of legal apps, files/docs and Quickbooks.
Instead Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktops (“WVD”)in Azure is an excellent choice for firms to save money and a perfect #pivot to enable attorneys and staff flexibility to serve client needs while not being tied to an office desk.
An attorney’s WVD since it’s in the Azure cloud can be easily securely accessed from anywhere with nearly any type of device. And the biggest benefit to the law firm is cost control unlike many of cloud services.
3 Easy Way To Get Clients Calling 13 May 2020 "I know your #lawfirms can use these right now. Remember the goal to get your clients calling again is to make your message about their legal needs not your business needs. Phrases like “we are ready” should instead be “haven’t your legal needs waited long enough?”
Use these video tips as tools to let your clients know their legal needs have been forced into quarantine for long enough."
Use Their Absence To Improve Your Financial Situation 15 Apr 2020 "#lawfirm attorneys and staff, immediately take this simple tip💥using absenteeism to set yourself up for finance and credit now and post-pandemic🦠. It worked for me and I’m betting it will for you too‼️
#nolawfirmleftbehind #legalindustry
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Your Law Firm Needs Bad Medicine, Whoa! 13 Apr 2020 "Jim Gast, Law Firm Evangelist & SpliceNet Consulting ( CEO
Got a Bon Jovi tune in my head, “Your #lawfirm Needs Bad Medicine. Bad medicine is what I need, whoa.” (bet you sing that all day now)

You and your staff may not like it but let’s face it, this bad medicine may be needed immediately‼️ This WILL solve attorney and staff productivity problems NOW⁉️ It’s for our own well being. It’s this or risk the alternatives.

When my kids were little they hated “yucky medicine” when they were sick. They had a fever, runny nose, cough, an achy body and they needed the “bad” medicine to get better.

Your law firm is no different. If you have a life threatening symptom you need a remedy NOW. That symptom might be lack of focus, lack of productivity or distractions while working remotely so you need medicine “yucky medicine” to solve that problem.

Let’s talk about the “yucky medicine” to save your law firm’s life."
2 must-do’s for law firms to get more client calls next week 30 Mar 2020 If you want to get more clients call you next week, hit these 2 must-do’s this weekend. Then wake up Monday ready to kick butt!