Cybersecurity Response Plan Tips

Many business owners believe they will never encounter a cyber attack. Business owners associate cyber attacks to certain industries and often conclude that their business is too small to be targeted. With all the recent online breaches however, every business should evaluate their cybersecurity response plan.

Butler County Bar Issues Cyber Warning

Wednesday we received the following email from one of our law firm followers.  The email was forwarded to Warren County (Ohio) Bar members by the Bar and is from someone at the Ohio Supreme Court.  The Supreme Court's source is MS-ISAC, the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center and is a reliable source for the current Cyber-threat level and response recommendations.

Insulted By A Law Firm Staffer

I was personally attacked by an IT staff member of a very popular, multi-city law firm. My only provocation was the direct marketing material we use that calls to question a prospect’s satisfaction with their current outsourced IT provider. My experience begs a question to you: do you know how your staff are treating people they interact with in the course of doing firm business for you?

Hands down, I have the best staff in the IT biz! They bend over backwards everyday to make sure the people they interact with feel as if they are the most important people to them – our Culture requires it.

Cryptolocker Quiz

On January 26, 2016 we asked our followers the following question:

We had 93 people respond with the following results:

Interestingly only 16% of respondents would have done what our Cyber Security experts suggested their answer to the question:

This is a Cyptolocker virus that encrypts and make unreadable many types of files that are accessible from your computer.