Don’t Be An Awesome Attorney. Be “Remarkable”.

“I don’t have the kind of practice that can market to my prior clients”. Phooey!

Why do some law firm owners say to me, “I don’t have the kind of practice that can market to my prior clients” but at the same time they complain the phone doesn’t ring enough? Phooey I say! Mr. Struggling Attorney, your inability to objectively consider doing something different to get new clients is what’s killing your firm.

Why Your Client Chose You

Why did your client choose you instead of another lawyer? There are plenty of good ones out there. Have you ever asked yourself? How about them?

What is the most important thing an attorney can do to help improve their client acquisition rate? Get more leads? Hold more initial consults? Invest more in SEO and you web site? Actually all these are important but most attorneys forget the reason their clients come to them.

Cyber Threats Your Law Firm Can Avoid

Each week I send out a 2-minute cybersecurity quiz and it recently occurred to me that many of my subscribers don’t really understand the cyber threat landscape in-whole and the various potential risks that exist. To help, here’s a short list and explanation of the cyber threats I’ve quizzed you on and that you should be aware of:

Viruses from ground USB sticks – find a USB and pick it and all day long you’ll have good luck.

Cybersecurity Response Plan Tips

Many business owners believe they will never encounter a cyber attack. Business owners associate cyber attacks to certain industries and often conclude that their business is too small to be targeted. With all the recent online breaches however, every business should evaluate their cybersecurity response plan.