Top 11 Office 365 Migration “Gotchas”

We have done a lot of Office 365 Migrations over the past few years. There are two things I tell every customer at the very beginning of a project:

At some point during this project, I will NOT be your favorite person
We WILL come across something unique that is going to require some additional work

And, you know what? I’ve never been wrong! Each Office 365 migration has resulted in finding some quirk – some unexpected technical problem – that we have to get around.

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You WILL Move to the Cloud

I don’t require my customers move to the cloud. But their business does. Let’s face it. Downtime kills. It costs money, demoralizes employees, and too much of it can cause you to lose customers.

So, why am I sure you will move to the cloud? Get rid of the dang downtime! I know people feel safer with the server in the closet.

LT180’s Gast Interviewed by DR Leader

Jim Gast, President of SpliceNet, Inc. and LegalTech180 co-founder/contributor was recently interviewed by StorageCraft, an industry leading Disaster Recovery software provider. StorageCraft was interested in Gast’s Legal Technology expertise and how other Managed Service Providers, MSPs (aka.