Cybersecurity Preparation Exercise

Prepare your team for cyber emergencies with tried-and-true tabletop exercises

Implementing the most up to date cybersecurity programs is no longer enough. With social engineering, phishing, and other scams that target anyone, your employees are the weakest link for cybersecurity breaches. Look at the facts; the 2017 Cost of Data Breach study by Ponemon Institute revealed human error as the #2 main cause of data breaches, following hacking attacks.

At SpliceNet, we want to make sure your employees remain your greatest asset, and not your biggest weakness. We’ve developed a course of tabletop cybersecurity training exercises that you can quickly and easily implement. This includes cyberattack playbook exercises where we train and drill your team to see how they deal with the cyberattack of your choice. Other exercises include cybercrisis management and cyberbreach decision making that prepares your team for every possible scenario.

Conducting cybersecurity preparation exercises will help your company by:

  • Increasing your leaders’ critical thinking skills under near-crisis conditions
  • Detecting problems before they cause major issues
  • Formulating clear preparedness goals and developing the right process to achieve them
  • Strengthening crisis preparedness of your business and employees

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