Post-Breach Investigations

Join #nolawfirmleftbehind​ as we chat with Damon Hacker, President & CEO of Vestige Digital Investigations, as he describes what actually happens after a security incident. From the day of the incident and the events that follow, Damon will cover what kind of information the forensics team will look at as well as how businesses typical remediate the incident and begin recovery.

Unboxing Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Out of the box #microsoft365​ has basic spam filtering but doesn't include the advanced security needed to protect firm staff from hackers nor managing partners/owners from impersonation prevention.

For these #microsoftatp​ is Microsoft offers ATP:

Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a cloud-based email filtering service that helps protect your organization against unknown malware and viruses by providing robust zero-day protection, and includes features to safeguard your organization from harmful links in real time.

Can I Email Passwords

Email is the mother load to hackers. Don’t send passwords by email.
Bank, credit card statements, financial records, medical records and for goodness sake; your social security number, all should never be sent by regular email.

Plus back and forth replies and forwards only severely increases the number of places that info is stored.